What is AMS Firstweek?

The official start-of-the-year "welcome week" celebration at UBC!

ALL students are welcome, no matter the faculty! A truly campus-wide experience with over 30 different events going on across campus including: massive all-ages pool party, scenic shopping trips, comedy show, Pit nights, yoga, rave night and many more!

Don't skip class! Unless it's a really awesome event and you were planning on dropping that course anyway. Events at a wide range of times allow you to create the best experience that fits your schedule.

What's the AMS Firstweek Kit? What do I get from purchasing it?

The AMS Firstweek Kit is the essential start-of-the-year package for incoming UBC students that all your friends will have and therefore you should have too!

What's included?

• All Access Wristband: Access to all AMS Firstweek events! No lines; no running back to your residence after you realize you didn't bring cash to buy the ticket; no slowly walking back to your residence after you realize the event is sold out and your evening plans are ruined.

• Branded Merchandise: limited edition AMS Firstweek merchandise - can't get it anywhere else! A bag full of amazing goodies you will most definitely need, use and cherish including a sturdy waterbottle, stationary, a bag for all of your stuff, and more, including awesome prizes soon to be revealed!

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What is the Alma Mater Society (AMS)?

The best organization on campus you'll ever meet! The AMS is your student society, representing over 54,000 UBC students as well as students at affiliated colleges.

We operate student services, student-owned businesses, resource groups and clubs: all meant to contribute to you having the best time of your life at UBC.

Your legal bodyguard: we advocate for students' issues and make sure that students' needs are presented to the University administration and federal, provincial and municipal governments.

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AMS Firstweek! Got it. But what's next?

Get your AMS Firstweek Kit now before they sell out! Buy the kit, get the experience and meet lifelong friends whilst kickstarting your university career.

Also, don't forget to check out AMS Events for fantastic programming all year round! Events are created with students in mind - from pricing to location - and we also help promote other amazing events happening around the city!