Congrats on your first weekend at UBC, the fun is only just beginning. 

To ensure access to all AMS Firstweek events - including AMS Welcome Back BBQ - you need to pick up your kit and all access wristband. 

Pick up Days:

  • Monday Sep 5th | 8:00-9:00pm | Totem Field
  • Tuesday Sep 6th | 1pm- 4pm | Main Mall AMS Firstweek Booth - near the Fountain
  • After these dates |11am - 3pm | The AMS Student NEST, room 3502 (ask for Joanne!)

Stay connected to all these events + more with the official AMS Firstweek App - Festfeed. Get rewarded for attending events, view the entire week’s schedule and see what’s happening where. 

Begin by the downloading the app from the link below.




See you soon!


With <3, your AMS

What Is Firstweek?

AMS Firstweek is a two-week orientation for all UBC students in every year and every faculty. With over 40 events all across campus including: a massive all-ages pool party, a wine and painting night, the ultimate paint party, a giant music festival and many more; it's a great way to orient yourself with new university life! Giving you the chance to meet and interact with other new students and upper years, as well as being a part of a long-standing tradition. AMS Firstweek is here to help you make the most of your university experience and start the year off with a bang!