Trivia Night

Coming into university, we all took standardized tests and completed exams where I’m sure the majority of us forgot all the information a month later. What about the information that we’ll never get to use?

What condition does Melvin have? Hypochondria.

Do you know the meal that was rehydrated in Spy Kids? Big Mac and Fries.

What did Rachel make on Thanksgiving? A Meat Trifle.

What is Jim’s favourite prank? Things in Jello.

If you knew the answers to any of these questions or feel like you have a plethora of knowledge from your favourite movies and series, well this might be your chance to shine. AMS Firstweek is hosting Trivia Night at the Gallery 2.0. Bring all the Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Office knowledge you have!

We’ll announce some of the prizes closer to the date but in the meantime, brush up on your favorite movies and we’ll give you a little taste of what questions could come up!

Location: Gallery 2.0 (4th Floor of The Nest)

Cost: $5 or FREE with All-Access Wristband (Included in FW Kit!)

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