Firstweek Flix: Knoll Edition


The Knoll outside the Nest


Sunday, September 3rd

7:30pm pre-show party

9pm movie starts


Freeee Movieeee!

Grab your blankets, grab your friends, and head out to your new backyard for this cozy little movie night under the stars. Courtesy of your AMS.

Popcorn and hot chocolate will be provided ♥



What Is Firstweek?

AMS Firstweek is a two-week orientation for all UBC students in every year and every faculty. With over 40 events all across campus including: a massive all-ages pool party, a wine and painting night, the ultimate paint party, a giant music festival and many more; it's a great way to orient yourself with new university life! Giving you the chance to meet and interact with other new students and upper years, as well as being a part of a long-standing tradition. AMS Firstweek is here to help you make the most of your university experience and start the year off with a bang!