Bicycle Beach Crawl


Starts & ends at the AMS Nest


Wednesday, September 13th / 5–9pm



BYOB - bring your own bike ;)

Get ready for the highlight of AMS Firstweek: UBC’s third annual BEACH CRAWL (on bikes!) brought to you by the AMS!

Ever been to a pub or club crawl? Well, they aren’t for everyone. For one, these venues do not have Bike Valet, nor do they allow a lit up pimpin' bicyclette onto the dance floor. What’s with that?! Shame on them.

For this purpose, we’re taking the idea of a CRAWL to the beach, where there are no bouncers (except lifeguards) and NO COVER.

We’re cruising along the shore with music and bikes, making pit stops along the Spanish Banks Beaches of Vancouver. Each stop, there’s a different happening. Volleyball, frisbee, botchi ball, horseshoes, slacklining. All the classic beach shindigs. This is the beach day you’ve been dreaming of.

Mount your fine cruiser bike or road bike or unicycle or tandem, and get over to the Bicycle Beach Crawl.

What Is Firstweek?

AMS Firstweek is a two-week orientation for all UBC students in every year and every faculty. With over 40 events all across campus including: a massive all-ages pool party, a wine and painting night, the ultimate paint party, a giant music festival and many more; it's a great way to orient yourself with new university life! Giving you the chance to meet and interact with other new students and upper years, as well as being a part of a long-standing tradition. AMS Firstweek is here to help you make the most of your university experience and start the year off with a bang!